Aqua Spacer

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Solvent-free spacer lacquer adhesive

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    Aqua spacer

    Solvent-free spacer lacquer adhesive to the Vario magnetic stand, always tidy and ready to hand!

    • Water-based
    • easy to dilute with distilled water
    • Solvent-free – therefore no annoying vapors
    • Content: 18ml
    • Shift order: 15my

    Use only with Aqua Sep Insulating agent!

    Aqua Spacer:  Coral 18 ml – Ref: YE/597-0001

    Aqua Spacer:  Ocean 18 ml – Ref: YE/598-0001

    Aqua Spacer:  Stone 18 ml – Ref: YE/599-0001

    Aqua Sep Insulating agent: The Aqua Set is an insulating agent for the Aqua Spacer. 18 ml – Ref: YE/589-1001

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    Yeti Aqua Spacer

    Aqua Sep Insulating agent 18 ml, Aqua Spacer: Coral 18 ml, Aqua Spacer: Ocean 18 ml, Aqua Spacer: Stone 18 ml