Face Shields – Premium PPE (Visors)

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Comfort First Premium and Robust Face Shields

CE marked


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    Extended dental headband – Polypropylene injection moulded

    • Provides an additional 3.8 cm of clearance behind the shield compared to our Standard Model
    • Designed specifically to accommodate industry equipment such as loupes and light behind the shield
    • Extended Dental Headband is durable, cleanable, reusable and recyclable


    Snap Caps – Polypropylene injection moulded

    • Provides additional protection to forehead and eyes from splash and aerosols
    • Simply snaps to your Face Shield’s headband for an easy and secure fit
    • Snap Cap is durable, cleanable, reusable and recyclable


    Replacement 11”x 8.5” clear PETG shields

    • A cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to make your Face Shield system new again
    • Shields themselves can become scratched or damaged over time, so this is a low-cost alternative to replacing the entire system

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    Face Shields

    Extended Dental Headband, Face Shield with Earsaver and Snap Cap x 5, Face Shield with Earsaver strap and Snap Cap included, Replacement Shield