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    BEGO offers a comprehensive range of waxes for crown and bridge work. The properties of the modelling waxes – individually developed by dental technicians for dental technicians – are perfectly tailored to the respective range of indications. In combination with BEGO investment materials (Bellavest. SH) and BEGO alloys (Wirobond. 280) they produce impressive casting results with excellent fit.

    Modelling tip: Warm the plaster stump to approx. 35 ÅãC before dipping. Best dipping results can be achieved when you dip the object quickly, then pull it out slowly and evenly.

    Dipping wax: For the fabrication of wax copings for the crown and bridge technique, Processing temperature 70–75oC

    Dipping wax – hard-elastic Processing temperature of the hard elastic dipping wax approx. 95oC, The red BEGO hard-elastic dipping wax ensures a distinct, reproducible quality of coping. The viscosity remains constant even if the wax is kept at stand-by temperature for a long time, and thus enables targeted control of the coping thickness. Only contains organic components.

    Dipping wax colour green 150 g pack – Ref: 40009

    Dipping wax hard-elastic colour red 70 g tin – Ref: 40155

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    Dipping Wax Bego

    Dipping wax hard-elastic colour red 70 g tin