Casting Pins (Sprues)

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Blue – 250 pieces


    Casting Pins (Sprues)

    During the solidification phase of the metal, a contraction occurs. To compensate for this and the resulting negative pressure, liquid metal is sucked out of thicker layers. With this knowledge came the idea of ​​the “lost head”. This is located on the casting pin in the center of the muffle and serves as a shrinkage reservoir.

    Casting Pins (Sprues) 4 mm (250 pieces) – Ref: YE/754-0250

    Casting Pins (Sprues) 6 mm (250 pieces) – Ref: YE/756-0250

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    Casting Pins (Sprues)

    Casting Pins (Sprues) 4 mm (250 pieces), Casting Pins (Sprues) 6 mm (250 pieces)