Cavishape Set/Set S

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University of Bern, Switzerland


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    Intensiv Cavishape Set and Intensiv Cavishape Set S – Oscillating diamond files for finishing preparation margins

    It is highly important in the preparation and finishing of cavity margins that the surfaces be fully smooth and even. Both in vivo and in vitro studies have demonstrated that Cavishape files are superior to standard hand tools (“axial cavity trimmers“) and even to vibratory instruments – they help prevent enamel fractures. Preparation margins finished with Cavishape files are precise while adjacent teeth are preserved.

    Intensiv Cavishape Set CS140, CS125, CS040, CS025 – Ref: SET106

    Intensiv Cavishape Set S CSS040, CSS025 – Ref: ICSS

    Intensiv Cavishape (Single Files)

    CS140 40 μm x 1.5 mm – Ref: OSCCS140

    CS125 25 μm x 1.5 mm – Ref: OSCCS125

    CS040 40 μm x 1.0 mm – Ref: OSCCS040

    CS025 25 μm x 1.0 mm – Ref: OSCCS025

    CSS040 40 μm x 1.5 mm – Ref: OSCCSS040

    CSS025 25 μm x 1.5 mm – Ref: OSCCSS025


    Additional information

    Cavishape Set/Cavishape Set S

    Cavishape Set, Cavishape Set S, CS025 – 25 µm x 1.0 mm (Single), CS040 – 40 µm x 1.0 mm (Single), CS125 – 25 µm x 1.5 mm (Single), CS140 – 40 µm x 1.5 mm (Single), CSS025 – 25 µm x 1.5 mm (Single), CSS040 – 40 µm x 1.5 mm (Single)