Disinfectants and Santisers

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Cost effective everyday essentials for the work place


    Disinfectant 5 Litres

    Pine Ref: DD/GS14
    Lemon Ref: DD/GS16

    Pelican pump for 5 litre containers (as above)
    Ref: DD/GS94
    Cutan (Alcohol) Gel Hand Sanitiser 150ml – Flip Top UN 1987
    Ref: DD/CAG150S
    Rapide Sanitiser Rinse free, ready to use. 30 second contact time 750ml
    Ref: DD/61307
    Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol) with pump Fragrance free 500ml
    Ref: DD/61309P
    Optima 200 Disinfectant wipes using Tritex technology 200 x tub

    Wipeout Ultimate Disinfectant

    • An extremely versatile product that combines efficient cleaning and degreasing with a wide spectrum ofactivity as a virucide, bactericide, fungicide and deodorant.
    • When used at the recommended dilution it will remove a wide range of soilage including body fats andoils, which may harbour germs representing a potential health hazard.
    • Manufacturers data complies with EN1276, EN1650, EN13623, EN14476

    Clean citrus fragrance
    5 Litres Ref: DD/61302

    Duo – hard surface sanitising detergent

    • A truly universal and powerful cleaner sanitiser which is certified to BS EN 1276.
    • Unique blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and amphoteric surfactants has excellent gram +veand -ve bacteria killing and cleaning power.
    • Deals with the toughest of soiling, oils, fats, vegetable and mineral based residues.
    • Ideal for use across all sectors, where effective sanitisation and cleaning are required.
    • Suitable for all washable surfaces.

    750ml spray Ref: DD/61305A0/750
    5 Litres Ref: DD/61305A0

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    Disinfectants and Santisers

    Cutan (Alcohol) Gel Hand Sanitiser 150 ml, Disinfectant – Lemon 5 Litres, Disinfectant – Pine 5 Litres, Disinfectant – Pelican pump, Duo hard surface sanitising detergent – 750ml, Duo hard surface sanitising detergent – 5 Litres, Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol) with pump 500 ml, Optima 200 – Disinfectant Wipes x 200, Rapide Sanitiser – 750 ml, Wipeout Ultimate Disinfectant – 5 Litres