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    Snoring results from a blockade of the respiratory system during sleep. While sleeping the tension in the muscles is released and thus the throat is narrowed. The respiratory air is pressed through the narrowed throat and the soft palate begins to vibrate, producing the typical snoring noises. If the
    flagged tongue falls back into the throat this might even lead to a complete blocking which can result in the periodical interruption of breathing (apnoea).

    DocSnoreNix®, our newly developed and patented SNX protrusion system according to Dr. Schmitt-Bylandt, brings the patient’s lower jaw into an individually determined protruded position during sleep. By doing so the throat is widened and the typical danger of blocking is decisively reduced.

    Unique, super-elastic connecting elements between upper and lower jaw allow any kind of movement of the jaw when awake, e. g. while swallowing, and the strain on the mandibular joint is significantly reduced. The delicate design of the spring elements provides for an excellent wearing-comfort, which leads to a high acceptance by the patient.

    • Maximum reduction of strain to the condyle
    • Super-elastic fastening and connecting elements
    • Swallowing reflex remains unaffected


    DocSnoreNix® Starter Set
    Pair of pliers
    1 x patient set of protrusion springs
    Thermoforming blanks (2 x Kombiplast 3 mm)
    Protrusion calibre
    Lightdon Gel, 20 ml transparent
    Lightdon Bonding, 10 ml bottle
    Ultratrimm medium
    Ref: D-4600

    60 g bar, natural coloured
    Ref: D-42541

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