Elite Soft Relining

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Elite Soft Relining is an A-Silicone for the preparation of soft relining on complete, partial or rehabilitation prostheses.

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    Easy to use, it is particularly indicated for direct application in the dental practice as well as in the laboratory.

    • 1:1 Mixing ratio
    • Excellent bonding to prosthetic base with Zhermack Elite Relining Primer special adhesive
    • In order to obtain smooth and stable edges, use the special Zhermack Varnish A+B on the margins
    • Odourless and tasteless
    • Pink Colour
    • Ease of use
    • Elastic memory to make the prosthesis more stable
    • It permits masticatory load absorption
    • Suitable for direct use in the practice and for indirect use in the laboratory
    • Chair time saving and immediate comfort for the patient


    Elite Soft Relining (UN 1593) Standard Pack 50 ml cartridge, 6 mixing tips Yellow, 4 ml Primer, 5 ml Varnish, 5 ml Varnish B, Finishing bur, Mixing plate, Brush handle, 12 Brushes
    Ref: ZC700100
    Refill 50 ml cartridge, 6 mixing tips Yellow
    Ref: ZC700130
    Primer (UN 1593) 4 ml
    Ref: ZC700140
    Varnish 5 ml A+B
    Ref: ZC700150
    Mixing Tips 48 x Yellow
    Ref: ZC202070
    Dispenser D2 1:1
    Ref: ZC202100


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    Elite Soft Relining

    Bite Tips – Pack 48, Intra Oral Tips (48 Pack), Mixing Tips (48 Green), Mixing Tips (48 Pink), Dispenser D2 1:1, Elite Soft Relining (UN 1593) – Standard Pack, Mixing Tips (48 Yellow), Primer (UN 1593) 4 ml, Refill – 50 ml cartridge with 6 mixing tips (Yellow), Varnish 5 ml (A+B)