GC Initial™ Zr-FS® – Shoulder Opaque -37

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Ceramic for high strength zirconium oxide frameworks

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    Initial Zr-FS is an improved feldspar based zirconium oxide veneering ceramic for use with high strength zirconium frameworks. The unequalled natural optical effects and increased stability after multiple firings, makes it ideal for the fabrication of complex and delicate substructures such as bridges. The dedicated Zr Light Reflective Liners are ready-to-use liners designed for reliable shade masking of different coloured Zircon frameworks while maintaining the aesthetically relevant light effects. After conditioning the framework in this way, a standardised layering technique will lead to perfect shade results.


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    ZR-FS shou opaque

    Shoulder Opaque, 20 g SO-37, Shoulder Opaque, 20 g SO-38, Shoulder Opaque, 20 g SO-39, Shoulder Opaque, 50 g SO-37, Shoulder Opaque, 50 g SO-38, Shoulder Opaque, 50 g SO-39