Metrocryl Denture Base – Clear (Heat Cure)

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    Ideal for clear palates, TMJ appliances, orthodontic appliances, surgical guides etc. Using rapid cure gives an exceptionally clear acrylic whereas universal can sometimes have a slight opacity.


    • Snap stage 15 minutes
    • Work time 60 minutes at 23oC
    • Can be quick cured or processed overnight


    Rapid Cure

    • Snap stage 30 minutes
    • Work time 30 minutes at 23oC
    • Can be quick cured in 20 minutes

    Additional information

    Metrocryl Clear

    Clear Liquid 1 Litre, Clear Liquid 500 ml, Rapid Cure Clear 1 Kg, Rapid Cure Clear 12 Kg, Rapid Cure Clear 3 Kg, Universal Clear 1 Kg, Universal Clear 12 Kg, Universal Clear 3 Kg

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