Metrowax No.6

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Stretch Toughened Modelling Wax, recommended for iDenture

    Metrowax No.6 Easy to work with enhanced carving properties:  Designed to be easy to work with No.6 is a blend of paraffin waxes, micro-crystalline waxes, natural beeswax and resins. The addition of resins enhances the carving properties of the wax making it suitable for contouring and characterisation of the denture base from try-in through to fit. Suitable for prosthetic laboratories with high workflow who may need to characterise their try-ins and require an all round reliable modelling wax. Colour Pale Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

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    Metrowax No.6 Stretch toughened modelling wax

    Metrowax No.6 – 500g/1.50 mm, Metrowax No.6 – 500g/1.75 mm, Metrowax No.6 – 2.5 Kg/1.50 mm, Metrowax No.6 – 2.5 Kg/1.75 mm, Metrowax No.6 – 20 Kg/1.50 mm, Metrowax No.6 – 20 Kg/1.75 mm