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Hand polymerisation unit

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    Hand polymerisation unit

    Some important steps in procedures ideally require a “third hand”. There are often so-called “interimsteps”that eat into the dental technician´s time. This annoying factor is now solved by MultiSpot®. Thefirst mobile curing unit for dental technicians with high-tech DWL® (LED DoubleWaveLenghts). Multifunctionaland very simple to handle: light-polymerising materials are fixed and partially hardened immediately.MultiSpot® is suitable for all dental materials, ranging from composites to sealing lacquers, throughthesimultaneous use of UV and blue light. The result: convience and potentially record-breaking time-saving!

    • Multiple uses (composites, splint techniques, sealing lacquers…)
    • High-speed DWL® technology (LED DoubleWaveLenghts)
    • Pinpoint partial hardening
    • Automated time intervals
    • Integrated performance monitoring

    Dimension: 140 x 30 mm
    Weight including rechargeable battery: 0.14 kg
    Rechargeable battery: 3.7 V / 3100 mAh
    Charger supply voltage: 100–240 V
    Charger power consumption: 2.73 W
    Power peaks: 385–390 + 465–470 nm
    Time intervals: 20 sec

    Hand polymerisation unit

    MultiSpot® visor rings
    3 pieces

    MultiSpot® Li-ion rechargeable battery

    MultiSpot® Recharger

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