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High precision alginate

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    Neocolloid is a high precision alginate developed to obtain accurate preliminary impressions and precise prosthetic results. Its high precision makes it the ideal choice for dentists specialised in removable prostheses. The extended working time (2 minutes) give the dentist the possibility to operate in a more precise manner and with greater peace of mind.

    • High Precision
    • Normal working time
    • Low thixotropy
    • Can be mixed with Hurrimix² or Alghamix II
    • Fast water absorption
    • Easy mixing
    • Homogeneous mass, smooth and compact surfaces
    • Injectable

    Distinctive characteristicsHigh precision
    Type of settingNormal
    Working time* (min:s)2:00
    Time in mouth* (min:s)1:30
    Setting time* (min:s)3:30
    Strain in compression10.3 %
    Elastic recovery99 %
    Compressive strength1.1 MPa

    Neocolloid – Normal Set 500g
    Ref: ZC302205