Mandibular suction-effective denture “The Professional”

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New 186 page book with comprehensive guides and step by step instructions.  Clinical and Laboratory Technique for Class I/II/III with aesthetics
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    This book presents the fundamentals of removable denture prosthetics and the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) (iDenture) in an easy-to-learn clinical technique. Dr Abe explains, step-by-step, how to fabricate a BPS denture and then outlines the procedure necessary for fabrication of suction-effective dentures, which includes a new approach to impression taking that uses a frame cut-back tray to record the specific anatomical features of dental soft tissue and the underlying bony structures and therefore allows more reliable denture fabrication and better suction of the denture. Included are discussions related to the management of difficult cases of total edentulism in both the maxilla and mandible and the aesthetic enhancement of the patient. A great resource for any prosthodontist.
    Edited by: Abe, Jiro, Iwaki, Kenji, Sudo, Tetsuya, Kokubo, Kyoko Date of publication: 2019

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