Ortho-Strips Tray

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Compact stainless steel tray with colored silicone holders for the support of Intensiv Ortho-Stripsduring interproximal reduction (IPR) in Orthodontics

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    During treatments that involve the use of Intensiv oscillating files, it is important to benefit from a support which is safe, hygienic, sterilisable and customisable in the content.The identification of the file to be used has to be clear and immediate. The storage of the files after sterilisation must be carried out in complete safety.

    Ortho-Strips Tray without strips

    Silicone Holders Assortment
    1 x Green
    1 x Grey
    1 x Dark Blue
    1 x Brown
    1 x Red
    1 x White
    1 x Yellow
    1 x Orange
    Ref: 056ass/8

    Silicone Holder (10 Pack)

    Dark Blue/80 μm
    Ref: 056darkblue/10
    Brown/60 μm
    Ref: 056brown/10
    Red/40 μm
    Ref: 056red/10
    White/25 μm
    Ref: 056white/10
    Yellow/15 μm
    Ref: 056yellow/10
    Orange/8 μm
    Ref: 056orange/10

    Additional information

    Ortho-Strips Tray

    Ortho-Strips Tray without strips, Silicone Holder – Brown/60 μm, Silicone Holder – Dark Blue/80 μm, Silicone Holder – Orange/8 μm, Silicone Holder – Red/40 μm, Silicone Holder – White/25 μm, Silicone Holder – Yellow/15 μm, Silicone Holders Assortment