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Self curing denture acrylic for pouring technique


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    Palapress Vario is a self curing denture acrylic for pouring technique.

    The advantage of this acrylic is its controlled polymerisation process. With a pouring time of up to 3 minutes, multiple saddles can be processed at the same time – even on different models. Transition to the plastic phase takes place after 4 minutes. This phase lasts up to 9 minutes when the work must be polymerised. That time can be used for pouring opposite saddles, so that several saddles can be polymerised simultaneously.
    Benefits at a glance:
    • Long processing time
    • Excellent tissue tolerance
    • High colour stability
    Palapress Vario – Polymer (Powder) Pink Opaque 1 Kg – Ref: H64707890
    Palapress Vario – Polymer (Powder) Pink Veined 1 Kg – Ref: H64707891
    Palapress Vario – Polymer (Powder) Clear 1 Kg – Ref: H64707892
    Palapress Vario – Polymer (Powder) R50 Veined 1 Kg – Ref: H64707893
    Palapress Vario – Polymer (Powder) Shade 200 1 Kg – Ref: H64712343
    Palapress Vario – Polymer (Powder) Light Pink 1 Kg – Ref: H64714796
    Palapress Vario – Polymer (Powder) Pink 1 Kg – Ref: H64707889
    Palapress Vario – Monomer (Liquid) 500 ml (UN 1247) – Ref: H64707864

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    Palapress Vario

    Monomer (Liquid) 500 ml, Polymer (Powder) Clear 1 Kg, Polymer (Powder) Clear 500g, Polymer (Powder) Light Pink 1 Kg, Polymer (Powder) Pink 1 Kg, Polymer (Powder) Pink 500g, Polymer (Powder) Pink Opaque 1 Kg, Polymer (Powder) Pink Veined 1 Kg, Polymer (Powder) R50 Veined 1 Kg, Polymer (Powder) Shade 200 1 Kg