SR Ivocap High Impact US-D Standard Kit (Opened)

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New & unused, Opened at a trade show. There are only 47 x 20g Polymer and 47 x 30ml Monomer, 94 Funnels, Denture bags. There are no paper inserts.  Only 1 available at this special price

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    SR Ivocap High Impact Standard Kit US-D

    The predosed SR Ivocap High Impact denture base material demonstrates a consistent quality because it is mixed to a clean homogeneous consistency in the Cap Vibrator.

    SR Ivocap High Impact shows a marked improvement in quality over the predecessor material, due to a 25% increase in the impact strength. The material complies with EN ISO 20795-1.


    • Highly shock and fracture resistant material for a stable denture base on implants
    • Precision fit without vertical increase of occlusion
    • Outstanding bond with resin teeth
    • Excellent polishability
    • Tried-and-tested injection technique