GC Tissue Conditioner

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All-in-one soft acrylic relining material


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    GC Tissue Conditioner is an all-in-one soft relining material – a complete solution for your clinic. It’s a true next-generation, state of the art acrylic soft relining material, and it’s even been patented by GC. GC Tissue Conditioner is a great choice when you need an alternative that offers a long-lasting softness and remains clean over a long time.

    Use Tissue Conditioner for tissue conditioning, soft relining and functional impressions.

    • Perfect consistency and flow make it easy to apply in a convenient and time-saving manner – only 5 minutes seating time in the mouth.
    • Unique patented formulation and special coating material prevent deterioration over time.
    • Excellent surface smoothness means you can expect very good healing ability and hygiene.
    • Long lasting softness capable of adapting its shape according to changes of mucosa over time for better healing and greater patient comfort.
    • Improved tear resistance makes it easy to remove by peeling out by hand.

    Tissue Conditioner Pack – Live Pink (UN 1170/1173)
    90 g Powder
    90 g Liquid
    12 g (15 ml) Coating Agent
    Plus accessories
    Ref: GC002894

    Tissue Conditioner – Liquid (UN 1170) 101 ml (90 g)
    Ref: GC002892

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    Tissue Conditioner

    Tissue Conditioner – Coating (UN 1173) 15 ml, Tissue Conditioner – Liquid (UN 1170) 100 ml, Tissue Conditioner Pack – Live Pink (UN1170/1173), Tissue Conditioner Pack – White (UN 1170/1173), Tissue Conditioner Powder – Live Pink 90g, Tissue Conditioner Powder – White 90g