Verty – Templus Cold Cure Resin 100ml

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High tech resin for temporary crown and bridges.  Low-temperature cold curing resin of excellent quality.  The opacity of the dentine and the extraordinary natural translucence of the enamel render this material a world class product.

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    Vertys Templus,

    the perfect resin for your Temporary!

    Resin High Tech for aesthetic temporary, by both pressure and cold curing, for high quality temporary.

    Especially designed for injection technique with Vertysystem, the resin Vertys Templus flowing with great ease inside the silicone masks, giving an excellent final result as regards the aesthetics, the compactness and the abrasion resistance.

    Used in combination with Furbo flask, you get temporary crowns and bridges in a fast and repeatable way.

    The range consists of ten colours for dentine, six different value of enamels, three colours for characterization and a glaze, which can satisfy every dental technician’s need