Vertysystem – Artic Pins and Adapter

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A perfect model but above all, repeatable!

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    Artic Pins is the ideal system to realise your models with removable dies in a fast, cheap and repeatable way!


    Artic Pins Intro Kit – Ref: A/200-3100

    Artic Pins Labor Kit – Ref: A/200-3101

    Artic Pins Base Alu (Intro Kit x 1, Labor Kit x 1) – Ref: A/200-3102

    Artic Pins Template (Intro Kit x 1, Labor Kit x 1) – Ref: A/200-3104

    Artic Pins Axis Kit (Intro Kit x 3, Labor Kit x 3) – Ref: A/200-3106

    Artic Pins Bur (Intro Kit x 1, Labor Kit x 2) – Ref: A/200-3108

    Artic Pins Black plate (Intro Kit x 10, Labor Kit x 50) – Ref: A/200-3114

    Artic Pins Metal Disc (Intro Kit x 5, Labor Kit x 25) – Ref: A/200-3115

    Artic Pins Metal Disc (Intro Kit x 5, Labor Kit x 50) – Ref: A/200-3116

    Artic Pins (Intro Kit x 100, Labor Kit x 1000) – Ref: A/200-3120

    Artic Pins Guide – Ref: A/200-3105

    Automatic Punch – Ref: A/200-3130

    Artic Pins Adapter – Ref: A/200-3140

    Artic Pins Adapter is an adapter designed to Artic Pins for users of Giroform and Zeiser pin drilling unit P10.  With this aluminium piasta, Artic Pins become a universal system. – Ref: A/200-3140

    Artic Pins 3 – Ref: A/200-3150

    Artic Pins 6 – Ref: A/200-3152

    Artic Pins Drill High quality with laser beam driller ideal to drill AP Black Plate – Ref: A/200-3199

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    Verty Artic Pins

    AP Adapter, AP Axis Kit, AP Base Alu, AP Black plate, AP Bur, AP Fermo Vertys, AP Guide, AP Metal Disc, AP Metal Disc x 25, AP Metal Disc x 50, AP Pins, AP Template, Artic Pins 3, Artic Pins 6, Artic Pins Bur, Artic Pins Drill, Artic Pins Intro Kit, Artic Pins Labor Kit, Automatic Punch