Vertysystem – FURBO

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One base for a world of processing.   System to do implant bridges, temporaries, full dentures, injection and stamping of paste and fluid composites, stamping ceramics and much more...


    Using the same base and the same position of the pillars, Furbo can become small flask, big flask, composite flaskverticulatorparallel by simply changing the cover and the pillars.  Furbo base also fits perfectly into Vertyscan!

    Furbo Alu SmallIdeal for: temporaries, bite splints, implant bridges, partial dentures.  With Furbo Alu Small you will avoid wasting silicone and your temporary will be more precisecheap and above all repeatable

    Furbo Alu BigIdeal for: full dentures, implant bridges and large reconstructions.  Furbo Alu Big is the perfect flask for full dentures, and also perfect for working in a clean, cheap and repeatable way!

    Furbo PlexiIdeal for: stamping ceramics and paste composites, framework construction for implant bridges, occlusal registrations, checking of volumes and clearances.  Thanks to Furbo Plexi verticulator you can save all the information from the initial projection.

    Furbo CompositeIdeal for: injecting and stamping light curing composites both paste and flow.   Furbo Composite gives you the ability to stamp and inject composites (paste and fluid) with extreme confidence and fidelety.

    Furbo Alu Small Kit – Ref: A/10-2500

    Furbo Base – Ref: A/10-2510

    Furbo Base Split Small Vertysystem – Ref: A/10-200

    Furbo Alu Small Cover – Ref: A/10-2520

    Furbo Small Burs – Ref: A/10-0021

    Furbo Large Burs – Ref: A/10-0022

    Furbo Alu Kit Axis  – Ref: A/10-2538

    Furbo Alu Big Kit – Ref: A/10-2501

    Furbo Alu Big Base Split Vertysystem – Ref: A/10-202

    Furbo Alu Big Cover – Ref: A/10-2521

    Furbo Plexi Kit – Ref: A/10-2505

    Furbo Plexi Base Split Small Vertysystem – Ref: A/10-200

    Furbo Plexi Cover – Ref: A/10-2522

    Furbo Plexi Pate – Ref: A/10-2524

    Furbo Plexi Kit Axis – Ref: A/10-2539

    Furbo Composite – Ref: A/10-2580

    Furbo Composite In Box – Ref: A/10-2584

    Furbo Composite Cover – Ref: A/10-2582

    Furbo Composite Ring – Ref: A/10-2583

    Furbo Composite Short Axis – Ref: A/10-2589

    Furbo Composite Separator – Ref: A/10-2587

    Furbo Composite Cube – Ref: A/10-2588

    Dynamo Block – Ref: A/10-401

    Furbo Parallel Kit – Ref: A/10-2577

    Furbo Parallel – Ref: A/10-2570

    Furbo Parallel Spindle – Ref: A/10-2571

    Furbo Parallel Laser – Ref: A/10-2572

    Furbo Parallel Bit – Ref: A/10-2573

    Furbo Parallel Graphite – Ref: A/10-2574

    Furbo Parallel Analysis Kit (3 Calibrators) – Ref: A/10-2575


    Alu Extreme: Ideal for Full Denture, Bite, Implant Bridge and Partial Denture (111 x 106 x 116 mm), Ref: A/10-2503

    Alu Extreme base* anodised aluminium base, colour: dark grey, Ref: A/10-2513

    Base split Alu Extreme anodised aluminium split base, colour: electric blue, Ref: A/10-204

    Alu Extreme cover* anodised aluminium cover, colour: dark grey, Ref: A/10-2519

    Small burs to drill silicones – ideal for exit hole, Ref: A/10-0021

    Large burs to drill silicones – ideal for exit hole, Ref: A/10-0022

    Alu Extreme axis specific pillar for Alu Extreme complete with spacers and blocking nuts, 3 pieces,  Ref: A/10-2533

    *Alu Extreme uses different pillars from the ones used in the Furbo; therefore the bases and covers are not interchangeable.


    Additional information

    Verty Furbo

    Furbo Base (for Small/Big/Plexi/Parallel), Allen Key (for Small/Big/Plexi/Parallel/Extreme), Alu Nut (for Composite/Extreme), Grain Block (for Small/Big/Plexi/Parallel/Extreme), Furbo Large Burs (for Small/Big/Extreme), Furbo Small Burs (for Small/Big/Extreme), Furbo Alu Kit Axis (for Small/Big), Furbo Alu Small (Complete with accessories), Furbo Alu Small Cover, Furbo Base Split Small, Furbo Alu Big (Complete with accessories), Furbo Alu Big Base Split, Furbo Alu Big Cover, Furbo Composite, Furbo Composite Cover, Furbo Composite Cube, Furbo Composite In Box, Furbo Composite Ring, Furbo Composite Separator, Furbo Composite Short Axis, Furbo Composite Inside, Furbo Composite Long Axis, Furbo Composite Spacer, Furbo Composite Upbox, Furbo Plexi (Complete with accessories), Furbo Plexi Cover, Furbo Plexi Kit Axis, Furbo Plate (for Composite/Plexi), Furbo Plexi Base Split Small Vertysystem, Furbo Parallel (Complete with accessories), Furbo Parallel, Furbo Parallel Spindle, Furbo Parallel Laser, Furbo Parallel Bit, Furbo Parallel Graphite, Furbo Parallel Analysis Kit (3 Calibrators), Furbo – Parallel Calib.ø 0.25mm, Furbo – Parallel Calib.ø 0.50mm, Furbo – Parallel Calib.ø 0.75mm, Alu Extreme (Complete with accessories), Alu Extreme base, Alu Extreme Base split, Alu Extreme cover, Alu Extreme axis specific pillar, Dynamo Block