Yeti Wax Giant – Various Colours

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Excellent wax quality


    Wax Giant

    Excellent wax quality – best modeling properties:

    • allows the modeling of the finest structures without swirling the fissures
    • Wax is very nice to “pull”
    • best stability in heated condition – easier construction of tooth forms
    • hard but not brittle
    • high internal strength
    • good to scrap – spant clean
    • precise fit and low contraction


    WAX GIANT cervical wax Red 75 g – Ref: YE/731-5000

    WAX GIANT cervical wax Grey Opaque 75 g – Ref: YE/734-5001


    In his special wax-up technique, Jochen Peters demonstrates how to create high-quality functional occlusal surfaces in a very short time through rational and systematic work steps that are quick and easy to implement. Since Jochen Peters concept consists of a combination of waxing and ablating the wax, a wax was needed, which fulfills both criteria perfectly. The two modeling waxes “Sahara” and “Sunlight”, as well as the corresponding cervical wax “Wood” were created in good cooperation.

    The modeling waxes “Sahara” and “Sunlight” are ideally suited for the crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, casting, pressing and milling technique. In addition, these two “Allrounder” are perfectly matched to the brown cervical wax / under wax “Wood”.

    The modeling waxes are characterised by:

    • Excellent modeling properties, because the waxes are excellent “pull” and still have a first-class stability
    • The optimal wax hardness enables clean modeling as well as the targeted application of bumps, cusps and the finest ridges
    • Smoothing the wax surfaces results in extremely dense surfaces without “smudging”
    • best edge stability
    • remove clean, good to scrap – spant clean
    • precise fit and low contraction
    • residue-free burning

    The colors “Sahara” and “Sunlight” are chosen in such a way that they “flatter the eyes” and even the smallest details are recognisable

    The brown cervical / under wax “Wood” is not only excellently suited as cervical and under wax in the crown and bridge technique, but also in the modeling inlays and onlays.

    • a fine wax consistency
    • can be brought in the liquid state perfectly in every smallest cavity
    • it’s soft, but not sticky or greasy
    • dimensionally stable and extremely precise fit
    • does not spring
    • burns without residue


    WAX GIANT cervical wax Wood 75 g – Ref: YE/738-5000

    WAX GIANT Sunlight 75 g – Ref: YE/738-5010

    WAX GIANT Sahara 75 g – Ref: YE/738-5020


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    Wax Giant

    WAX GIANT cervical wax Red 75 g, WAX GIANT cervical wax Wood 75 g, WAX GIANT Grey Opaque 75 g, WAX GIANT Sahara 75 g, WAX GIANT Sunlight 75 g