Zeta 1 Ultra

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Dental Instruments disinfectants and sterilization


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    Zeta 1 Ultra A concentrated, broad spectrum, liquid disinfectant and detergent. Suitable for all surgical and rotary instruments, even the most delicate (scalpels, tweezers, burs, mirrors, probes, etc.). Active ingredients: alkylamine and quaternary ammonium salts.

    • Complete spectrum of action, developed and tested according to the latest European Norms validated on disinfection
    • Aldehyde and phenol-free products
    • Excellent compatibility with materials (good protection against metal corrosion).
    • Excellent protection: bactericidal, fungicidal, mycobactericidal, tubercolicidal and, within limits, virucidal.
    • Effective even in the presence of organiccontaminants.
    • Safe to use: free from aldehydes and phenols.
    • Quick and Easy to use: Zeta 1 Ultra has a practical dosing bottle



    Zeta 1 Ultra

    1 litre bottle UN 1993
    Ref: ZC810000
    5 litres container with dosage cap
    UN 1993
    Ref: ZC810001



    Zhermack Sterilzation Bath Plastic sterilsation bath with removable tray and lid. Ideal for impressions and small instruments.

    1 litre capacity
    Ref: ZC800090
    3 litre capacity
    Ref: ZC800092

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    Zeta 1 Ultra

    Zeta 1 Ultra – 5 Litres, Zeta 1 Ultra -1 Litre, Zhermack Sterilzation Bath – 1 Litre, Zhermack Sterilzation Bath – 3 Litres