BEGO ScanWax/ScanBlock

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    ScanWax / ScanBlock

    • An increasing number of waxed-up restorations are being scanned using the CAD/CAM technique
    • The use of highly opaque wax is the most effective way of preventing translucent effects and ensuring optimal data generation
    • Precision dental restorations using the CAD/CAM technique can only be fabricated if there is high data density
    • The high degree of hardness and opacity of BEGO ScanBlock wax also makes it ideal for waxing up restorations fabricated by the milling technique, and for modelling standard crowns and bridges
    • A wax with very high opacity is required for blocking out small cavities on the plaster die in CAD/CAM work
    • Translucent effects cause data loss during scanning. ScanBlock ensures data density, even with thin layers of wax
    •  The solidification temperature of both waxes is 62oC


    ScanWax colour dentine 70 g tin – Ref: 40151

    ScanBlock colour sky-blue 70 g tin – Ref: 40152

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    ScanBlock colour sky-blue 70 g tin, ScanWax colour dentine 70 g tin