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Resin Pouring Technique

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    The denture pouring technique with Castdon resins and the special pouring flasks is a timesaving, economical procedure for today’s price and quality conscious dental technician.  All components of the system are coordinated with each other, the handling of this technique is easy and the results convince in regard to function, aesthetics and exact fitting.  Complicated grinding work is not necessary, as no bite increase occurs. After an accurate wax modelling the denture can be taken out of the form and is nearly finished, apart from a slight post processing that is reduced to a minimum.

    Comprehensive complete starter package in two colour versions with all necessary components for beginners.


    • Castdon flask, transparent
    • Castdon Monomer, 0.5 l bottle
    • Castdon Bonding, 20 ml bottle
    • Siliform, 2 x 850 ml (1 kg) bottles
    • Isolat Film, 1000 ml bottle
    • 1 canal piercing instrument, Ø 8 mm
    • dosing aids
    • Castdon Polymer, 0.75 kg


    Castdon system starter kit – Pink Transparent – Ref: D-3790

    Castdon system starter kit – Pink Opaque – Ref: D-3790


    Castdon Bonding – Liquid for the perfect bonding between highly vulcanised denture teeth and auto polymer resins

    Castdon Bonding – 20 ml – Ref: D-3887


    Castdon Flask – Professional pouring flask with transparent upper part, stainless steel bottom plate with integrated chambers for teeth dewaxing, incl. canal piercing instrument, Ø 8 mm.

    Castdon Flask – Ref: D-3803

    Castdon Dosing Aids – Measuring cups for a perfect mixing ratio of 2:1 for all types of Castdon resins.

    Castdon Dosing Aids x 2 – Ref: D-38092


    Castdon Polymer – Pink Transparent 0.75 kg tub – Ref: D-3873

    Castdon Polymer – Pink Transparent 1.25 kg tub – Ref: D-3874

    Castdon Polymer– Pink Transparent 4 kg tub – Ref: D-3876

    Castdon Polymer – Pink Opaque 0.75 kg tub – Ref: D-3884

    Castdon Polymer– Pink Opaque 1.2 kg tub – Ref: D-38787

    Castdon Polymer – Transparent 0.75 kg tub – Ref: D-3879

    Canal Piercing Instrument Ø 8 mm – Ref: D-3872


    Gelon – High quality duplicating gel on the basis of Agar-Agar.

    Gelon – Transparent 6 Kg – Ref: D-38601


    Siliform –  Addition-curing, thin-flowing form silicone for embedding dentures in the resin pouring technique. Thanks to special contents Siliform has a unique material surface and guarantees an easy deflasking of the finished denture.

    Siliform – 2 x 1000 ml – Ref: D-38605



    Isolat – Heat-resistant, film-forming insulating agent on the basis of alginate for smooth surfaces free of pores with excellent separating ect.

    Isolat – 1 litre – Ref: D-4304

    DentureArt: Complete basic assortment with all necessary components and comprehensive accessories for beginners.The assortment is supplied in a solid portable case. With Castdon Base a production of about 10 DentureArt dentures is possible.

    DentureArt System Pack – Ref: D-3900




    Castdon Monomer – Mixing liquid for Castdon and DentureArt resins.

    Castdon Monomer – 150 ml – Ref: D-3905

    Castdon Monomer – 500 ml – Ref: D-3865

    Castdon Monomer – 1 Litre – Ref: D-3867


    Castdon Colour Monomer – Modelling liquid to mix Castdon Color and -Intense Powder.

    Castdon Colour Monomer – 50 ml – Ref: D-3906

    LightPaint Light-curing colours for the authentic and individual surface characterisation of resins.

    LightPaint on Set – Ref: D38236


    Liquid – By varying the mixing ratio the colour intensity can vary from watery transparent to opaque. Polymerisation time 3–5 minutes.

    LightPaint On Liquid – 20 ml – Ref: D38238


    Cleaner – Special cleaning liquid for brushes 

    LightPaint On Cleaner – 50 ml – Ref: D38240


    Surface – Surface sealing for Lightpaint On characterisations. The sealing with Surface provides a smooth and homogeneous surface and increases the durability of the colouring inside the mouth. Polymerisation time 3–5 minutes.

    LightPaint On Surface – 20 ml – Ref: D38239


    Mixing Palette – With lid and insert to mix Lightpaint On colour powders with Liquid. The mixing palette is impervious to light.

    Mixing Palette – Ref: D38243




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    Castdon System

    Canal Piercing Instrument Ø 8 mm, Castdon Bonding – 20 ml, Castdon Dosing Aids x 2, Castdon Flask, Castdon Monomer – 1 Litre, Castdon Monomer – 150 ml, Castdon Monomer – 500 ml, Castdon Polymer – Pink Opaque 0.75 kg, Castdon Polymer – Pink Transparent 0.75 kg, Castdon Polymer – Pink Transparent 1.2 kg, Castdon Polymer – Transparent 0.75 kg, Castdon system starter kit – Pink Opaque, Castdon system starter kit – Pink Transparent, DentureArt System Pack, Gelon – Transparent 6 Kg, Isolat – 1 litre, LightPaint On Cleaner – 50 ml, LightPaint On Liquid – 20 ml, LightPaint on Set, LightPaint Powder – 2g White, Siliform – 2 x 1 Kg