Crucibles (Packs 5)

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For all types of casting machines

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    Packs 5

    Degussa Type Universal – Ref: A1101011

    Degussa Type Open – Ref: A1101021

    Degussa Type Indented – Ref: A1101031

    Kombi Type Shallow – Ref: A1102011

    BEGO Type Pollux – Ref: A1102021

    Kombi Type Deep – Ref: A1102041

    Kerr Type Large Open – Ref: A1104021

    Buffalo Type – Ref: A1104031

    Nessor Type E4 Deep – Ref: A1104041

    Nessor Type E4 Shallow – Ref: A1104051

    Kerr Type Small – Ref: A1104081

    Nessor Type A Large – Ref: A1104091

    Ducatron Type Junior – Ref: A1201011

    Ducatron Type – Ref: A1201041

    Fusus Type Open – Ref: A1202011

    Fusus Type Covered – Ref: A1202051

    Linn Type Short Spout – Ref: A1204011

    Linn Type Long Spout – Ref: A1204021

    Manfredi Type Open – Ref: A1205011

    BEGO Type Fornax – Ref: A1206011

    Manfredi Type C15 Covered – Ref: A1213011

    Hereaus Type IQ – Ref: A1300000

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    BEGO Type Fornax (Pack 5), BEGO Type Pollux (Pack 5), Buffalo Type (Pack 5), Degussa Type Indented (Pack 5), Degussa Type Open (Pack 5), Degussa Type Universal (Pack 5), Ducatron Type (Pack 5), Ducatron Type Junior (Pack 5), Fusus Type Covered (Pack 5), Fusus Type Open (Pack 5), Hereaus Type IQ (Pack 5), Kerr Type Large Open (Pack 5), Kerr Type Small (Pack 5), Kombi Type Deep (Pack 5), Kombi Type Shallow (Pack 5), Linn Type Long Spout (Pack 5), Linn Type Short Spout (Pack 5), Manfredi Type C15 Covered (Pack 5) (Pack 5), Manfredi Type Open (Pack 5), Nessor Type A Large (Pack 5), Nessor Type E4 Deep, Nessor Type E4 Shallow

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