Crystacal R 

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    Crystacal R (White)

    Is a formulated hemihydrate plaster (CaSO4.1/2H2O) produced from naturally occurring high purity gypsum mineral. It is off-white in colour. This product is used to make hard casts with fine reproduction of detail. It is used in the manufacture of glass reinforced gypsum structures, decorative plasterwork, giftware and dental models.

    • Plaster/Water Ratio: 100/35
    • Working Time: 15 Minutes
    • Demould Time: 18 Minutes
    • Expansion: 0.4%
    • Compressive Strength: 55 Mpa
    • Shelf Life: 9 Months

    Crystacal R (White) 25 Kg – Ref: CR

    Crystacal R/Dentstone KD 3/1  – Mix 3 parts Crystacal R and 1 part Dentstone KD. Ideal for Dental Laboratories that want a harder Buff coloured Plaster. Being harder and stronger you’ll experience much less chipping and breakages.