Dreve Granules

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For use with Dreve Drufomat and Drufosmart Thermoforming machines.


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    Granules – Round
    Round granules containing lead for the embedding of unneeded parts of the model during thermoforming. Recommended for use in pressure units (e. g. Drufomat and Drufosmart).  You require 2 bottles for Drufomat units.
    1.2 Kg
    Ref: D-4282

    Granules – Steel
    Lead-free granules for the embedding of model parts that are not needed for thermoforming. Recommended for use in Vacfomat units.
    1.2 Kg
    Ref: D-4283

    Granules – Refined Steel
    The new filling granules with rounded edges minimise the formation of holes, especially in case of thinthermoforming blanks and therefore lead to an optimal fitting. Furthermore the granules can be easily removed from the blanks after the thermoforming process.
    1.2 Kg
    Ref: D-4284

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    Dreve Granules

    Granules – Refined Steel 1.2 Kg, Granules – Round 1.2 Kg, Granules – Steel 1.2 Kg