Drufomat Scan

£3,000.00 Excl VAT


High-quality thermoforming unit based on the well known Drufomat technique and combined with the latest material recognition software as well as outstanding design.


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    • High-end system which can be run very easily
    • Integrated bar code scanner identifies foil codes
    • High operating pressure of 6 bar for all professional applications
    • 2-hand-protection when driving down the piston
    • When the heater is switched on red LEDs indicate the danger
    • Base range of blanks
    • Bowl for granules
    • Air connection hose

    Drufomat Scan – Red 
    Ref: D-3300
    Drufomat Scan – Silver
    Ref: D-3300-1


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    Drufomat Scan

    Drufomat Scan – Red , Drufomat Scan – Silver