Drufosoft® Accessories – Various

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Use with or for Dreve Mouthguards


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    X-Ray Opaque Strips
    For insertion into Dreve Mouthguards.
    15 pieces
    Ref: Ref: D-4445

    Dreve Mouthguard Box
    For the hygienic storage of mouthguards.  Includes address stickers and sticker with maintenance advice.
    Red x 5
    Ref: D-4444

    Carbide cutter for separating and cutting resp. working on all hard thermoforming materials.

    Square cutter without toothing
    Ref: D-4374V

    Piercing cutter with spiral cut
    Ref: D-4374S

    Stable Special Scissors
    With rigid and bent cut
    Ref: D-4369

    Fillin 60g bar
    Reusable block-out material on silicone basis, for covering undercut areas on the model.  Natural colour
    Ref: D-42541

    Finishing Liquid 250 ml (UN 1993)
    Polishing liquid for the smoothening of rough surfaces of EVA materials (e.g. Drufosoft®).
    Ref: D-4466N

    Silicone Grease 35g
    Special grease for rubber seals (e. g. the o-ring seal of thermoforming units or pressure pots).
    Ref: D-3350

    Pressure Polymerisation Insert
    This insert allows an extra use of Drufomat units as pressure pot for cast flasks (without water), for repairs or extentions of dentures (with tempered water).  The pressure polymerisation insert is to be placed onto the base plate of the Drufomat. The desired pressure can be adjusted individually by use of the pressure reducing valve.
    Ref: D-3211

    K7 Insert
    The porous metal disc with pre-cut holes is suitable for up to seven prepared plaster dies for the production of thermoformed resin caps. The K7 insert is to be placed into the forming table insert of the Drufomat instead of the nub plate.  This insert enables the additional use of Drufomat units to produce thermoformed resin caps.
    Ref: D-3228

    Funky Tool
    Funky tool is an accessory unit for Drufomat and Drufosmart thermoforming units for an individual colour design of Drufosoft® blanks.
    Ref: D-3229

    Workout Set for thermoforming technique
    Set of grinding tools for the workout and finishing of all thermoformed parts, assorted in a robust and practical table stand, made of V2A.

    • 1 square cutter
    • 1 special cutter
    • 2 mandrels incl. support discs
    • 1 UltraTrimm medium grinding wheel
    • 1 UltraTrimm light polishing wheel
    • 1 grinding cap holder, round, size 2, incl. grinding cap
    • 1 grinding cap holder, pointed, size 1, incl. grinding cap
    • 1 hard rubber, flame shaped
    • 1 brush made of goat hair
    • 1 cotton buff
    • 1 table stand made of V2A

    Ref: D-3273

    Isopor Rubber
    Space maintainer discs made of foamed material which are placed between model and Drufoplast, when manufacturing thermoformed impression trays.  On the inside of the impression tray a rough-textured surface is created, which offers an excellent mechanical retention between impression silicone and custom-made tray.

    3.0 x ø100 mm (10 pack)
    Ref: D-4256

    6.0 x ø100 mm (10 pack)
    Ref: D-4257


    Drufosoft Primer 10 ml bottle (UN 1133) – Ref: D-4442


    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: transparent – Ref: D-4443-1

    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: black – Ref: D-4443-2

    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: blue – Ref: D-4443-3

    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: neon-yellow – Ref: D-4443-4

    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: neon-green – Ref: D-4443-5

    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: white – Ref: D-4443-6

    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: neon-red – Ref: D-4443-7

    Drufosoft Shell 5 pieces colour: pink – Ref: D-4443-8


    Drufosoft Shell 8 pieces colour: colourmix – Ref: D-4443-9

    Drufosoft Shell Starter Set – Ref: D-4443-SET

    Shell Former 10 pieces – Ref: D-4489

    Latex foil 10 pieces – Ref: D-4491

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    Drufosoft® Accessories

    Drufosoft Primer 10 ml, Drufosoft Shell – Black x 5, Drufosoft Shell – Blue x 5, Drufosoft Shell – Neon Green x 5, Drufosoft Shell – Neon Red x 5, Drufosoft Shell – Neon yellow x 5, Drufosoft Shell – Pink x 5, Drufosoft Shell – Transparent x 5, Drufosoft Shell – White x 5, Drufosoft Shell 8 colourmix, Drufosoft Shell Starter Set, Latex foil 10 pieces, Shell Former 10 pieces, Cutter – Piercing with spiral cut, Cutter – Square without toothing, Dreve Mouthguard Box (Red) 5 pack, Drufosoft® Primer 10 ml (UN1133), Fillin – 60g bar, Finishing Liquid – 250 ml (UN 1993), Funky Tool, Isolat Film – 1 Litre, Isolat Film – 5 Litre, Isopor Rubber – 3.0 x ø100 mm (10 pieces), Isopor Rubber – 6.0 x ø100 mm (10 pieces), K7 Insert, Pressure Polymerisation Insert, Silicone Grease – 35g, Stable Special Scissors, TrayFix 20 ml (UN 1247), Workout Set for thermoforming technique, X-Ray Opaque Strips