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Ultrasonic cleaning unit

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    EasycleanUltrasonic cleaning unit

    Ultrasonic cleaning device with optimized sound frequency for intensive and gentle cleaning.

    Ref: 1850-0000


    Plastic Lid – Ref: R1850-0001

    Stainless Steel Cover – Ref: R1850-0002

    Stainless Steel Basket – Ref: R1850-0003

    Stainless Steel Immersion Basket – Ref: R1850-0004

    Plastic Acid Bath insert – Ref: R1850-0005

    Cleaning Jar – Ref: R1850-0006

    Plastic Container – Ref: R1850-0007


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    Cleaning Jar, EasycleanUltrasonic cleaning unit, Plastic Acid Bath insert, Plastic Container, Plastic Lid, Stainless Steel Basket, Stainless Steel Cover, Stainless Steel Immersion Basket