Galetti® ‘The Original’ – Plasterless fixed plane articulator

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Compatable with the Vertysystem to mount stone model without plaster

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    Galetti® Plasterless fixed plane articulator:  The worlds most recognised Plaster – Free Articulator. Solidly constructed from Aluminium and Brass. Hard wearing and corrosion resistant. Any type of dental model can be placed onto the Galetti® articulator without the application of mounting plaster. This enables precise and controlled adjustment of the occlusion to exacting tolerance. Both upper and lower jaws may be separated allowing for greater access and stability. At a glance > Check functional bite registration > Assess Inter Cuspal Position (Centric Occlusion) > Adjust occlusal interferences of dental prostheses > Assist with planning occlusal schemes The Galetti® articulator enables the user to check occlusal and articulated balance for several types of dental prostheses. Constant assessment of mandibular motion may be verified by adjustment of the articulator. Ref: ATE

    Partial Dentures Free articulation will be determined by the residual natural teeth. This may be achieved by loosening the anterior spherical joint. Complete Dentures Balanced occlusion for Anterior, Posterior and Lateral excursion, may be determined by allowing the models to freely articulate at the Hinge Axis. Work the prostheses in its desired direction for selective adjustment. This will eliminate any cuspal interference. Orthodontics Models may be mounted to assess on going correction and reduction.  Crown and Bridge Restorative Functional and trial wax up prior to completion can be assessed depending upon the type of occlusal scheme required.

    Galetti® plasterless fixed plane articulator – Ref: ATE

    1. Later claw bolt – Ref: K60492

    2. Moveable locking claw bolt – Ref: K60484

    3. Tension bolt – Ref: K60481

    4. Adjusting bolt – Ref: K60487

    5. Knurled lock nut – Ref: K60488

    6. Knurled nut – Ref: K60489

    9. Tension spindle – Ref: K60496

    15. Bolt for wing nut – Ref: K60494

    21. Adjusting screw – Ref: K60479

    23. Locking device – Ref: K60480

    25. Ball shaft – Ref: K60495

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    Galetti articulator

    1. Later claw bolt, 15. Bolt for wing nut, 2. Moveable locking claw bolt, 21. Adjusting screw, 23. Locking device, 25. Ball shaft, 3. Tension bolt, 4. Adjusting bolt, 5. Knurled lock nut, 6. Knurled nut, 9. Tension spindle, Galetti® plasterless fixed plane articulator