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    Dentures at the touch of a button With the IvoBase® Injector, you can benefit from a fully automated injection and polymerisation process for special PMMA resin materials which are coordinated with the system. The chemical polymerisation shrinkage of the resin material is fully compensated during the polymerisation – due to the patented thermo-management within the flask and the heating element. As a result, you obtain denture bases which feature an outstanding accuracy of fit and precision. The injector has been especially developed for the IvoBase® material and produces excellent restorations. In addition, the IvoBase® Injector can also be used for the proven Ivocap material. The injector replaces the polymerisation bath and thus offers a clean polymerisation process without annoying steam.  Focus on the system idea Injector and material – a well-coordinated system: This is the key to success. With the IvoBase® system you can fabricate high-quality denture bases for both conventional and implant-retained dentures – just push the button. The fully automated process furthermore renders the injector highly efficient.

    Clean process without steam As no water bath is required for the polymerisation, no steam is produced in the laboratory. The injector enables a clean process.  Optional reduction of monomer residue With the RMR function, the residual monomer content can be reduced to an even lower value (below 1%).Your dentures thus feature an optimum compatibility with the mucous membrane.  Expandable modular concept to meet your needs If the production capacity is to be increased, you may add more injectors to the system.  Membrane-sealed keypad with graphic monochrome display You can conveniently operate the injector by means of the robust and durable membrane-sealed keypad.The well arranged graphic screen optimally displays the information.  Easy exchange and maintenance of the heating elements Given the removable hood, the heating elements can be cleaned or exchanged directly in the laboratory.  USB connection: Software updates via Internet The injector can be connected with a PC/laptop computer. You can then conduct software updates via Internet.

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