PalaXtreme – high-impact & self-curing acrylic

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    With PalaXtreme you get high-impact strength and excellent handling characteristics. The “core shell technology” minimises the risk of fractures. Due to it’s high viscosity this high-impact denture acrylic works perfectly with the pouring or the injection technique.

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    PalaXtreme 100g Powder- CLEAR, PalaXtreme 100g Powder- PINK, PalaXtreme 100g Powder- PINK LIVE, PalaXtreme 100g Powder- PINK OPAQUE, PalaXtreme 100g Powder- PINK VEINED, PalaXtreme 100g Powder- R50 VEINED, PalaXtreme 1Kg Powder- CLEAR, PalaXtreme 1Kg Powder- PINK, PalaXtreme 1Kg Powder- PINK LIVE, PalaXtreme 1Kg Powder- PINK OPAQUE, PalaXtreme 1Kg Powder- PINK VEINED, PalaXtreme 1Kg Powder- R50 VEINED, PalaXtreme 500ml liquid (UN1247), PalaXtreme 80ML LIQUID (UN 1247)