Paper Towels, Tissues and Cloths – Various

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Cost effective everyday essentials for the work place

    Optimum Professional C Fold Hand Towels
    162 x 2 Ply sheets (310 x 230mm)
    White Ref: DD/12906

    C Fold Hand Towels
    171 x 1 Ply re-cycled sheets (310 x 217mm)
    Green Ref: DD/HC125GR
    Blue Ref: DD/HC125BL

    C Fold Hand Towel Dispenser
    Ref: DD/EFT311

    Centre Feed Rolls 6 x 150 metre rolls 2 Ply re-cycled (175mm wide)
    Blue x 6 Ref: DD/56191
    White x 6 Ref: DD/56192

    Centre Feed Towel Dispenser
    Ref: DD/ECP109

    Whisper Toilet Rolls White 2 Ply (200 sheets per roll) 4 Pack

    Whisper Facial Tissues White 2 Ply (100 sheets per box) 36 Boxes
    Ref: DD/FF0104CO

    Dish Cloths Super soft and absorbent 10 Pack (700 x 300 mm)

    Additional information

    Paper Towels/Tissues/Cloths

    Optimum Professional C Fold Hand Towels, C Fold Hand Towel – Dispenser, C Fold Hand Towels – Blue (171 sheets), C Fold Hand Towels – Green (171 sheets), Centre Feed Rolls – Blue (6 x 150 m rolls), Centre Feed Rolls – White (6 x 150 m rolls), Centre Feed Towel – Dispenser, Dish Cloths (10 pack), Whisper Facial Tissues (100 sheets per box x 36), Whisper Toilet Rolls (200 sheets per roll x 4)