Minoxyd Flux and Soldering Rods

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Soldering rods for BEGO alloys

    Minoxyd Flux

    • For soldering precious- and non-precious-metal alloys and precious to cobalt-chrome or nickel-chrome
    • It saves intermediate soldering and provides strong joints that hold up even under great stress and strain
    • Minoxyd is also used for soldering metal-to-ceramic alloys in the furnace after firing the ceramic

    Minoxyd Flux (UN 2923) 80 g – Ref: 52530


    Soldering rods for BEGO alloys

    Wirobond solder (triangular) 4g – Ref: 52622

    Wiron solder (round) 4g – Ref: 52625

    Cobalt-chrome solder (half-round) 4g – Ref: 52520

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    soldering rods

    Cobalt-chrome solder (half-round) 4g, Minoxyd Flux (UN 2923), Minoxyd Flux (UN2923) out of date stock, Wirobond solder (triangular) 4g, Wiron solder (round) 4g