Suction Units LSG-02 DE and LSG-02 D (plus accessories)

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The comfortable LSG-02 suction drawer suitable for continuous operation is technically mature, absolutely reliable and designed for the typical workflow in the laboratory.

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    The all-metal device automatically starts when the machine is ready for use as soon as the suction drawer is pulled forward. If a technical machine is connected to the extraction system, this also only starts when the suction drawer is extended. At the same time the machine is switched off when the drawer is inserted – working without suction is thus excluded.
    In addition, the LSG-02 DE has a practical automatic switch-on mechanism for automatic activation of the extraction via the processing motor.

    The most important features at a glance:

    • Comfortable and durable single-user extraction with high efficiency
    • Completely made of metal
    • With holding frame, easy installation
    • Removable protective screen in front of the work area
    • Suitable for continuous operation (switchable)
    • Collectorless motor, long running time
    • Automatic switch-off at filter saturation – also applies to peripheral devices
    • Optical display when necessary filter change
    • Easy installation, easy filter change
    • LSG-02 EN: Automatic switch-on for automatic activation of the extraction via the technical machine
    • Practical accessory variants with subsequent mounting option: Gold and dirt drawer as an intermediate drawer optionally available, as well as a monomer activated carbon filter with long durability
    • Easy handling, high safety standard by automatic overrun
    • Aquarius – Quality MADE IN GERMANY since 1927
      Constructed for a long service life
      High quality workmanship, made of metal
      Extremely low maintenance and wear-resistant
      Easy cleaning due to easy-care surfaces


    • Protective screen, acrylic glass 195 x 176 x 3 mm
    • Micro fine dust filter bag (yellow), dust class M
    • supply


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    Additional information

    LSG 02 D

    Dust filter bags for plaster x 4, LSG-02D suction unit, LSG-02DE suction unit (automatic), Microfine dust filter bags x 4, Monomer activated carbon filter, Universal extractor hood and base plate