Thowax – modelling waxes

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for crown, bridge and inlay technology


    THOWAX modelling waxes

    THOWAX is a modeling wax for crown, bridge and inlay technology. It consists of natural waxes without the addition of plastics. Thanks to its unique modeling properties, THOWAX has earned its good reputation both at home and abroad.

    • excellent modeling properties due to short molecular weight components
    • the wax is very nice to “pull”
    • Quick cooling allows for quick work
    • modeling the finest characteristics without swamping the fissures
    • opaque in the liquid state – the shape becomes visible during application
    • high molecular density – easy to scrap, cleans and leaves smooth surfaces
    • tailored to our special waxes and dipping waxes
    • free of plastics
    • available in 70 g cans each and partly in chip form


    Thowax Violet 70g – Ref: YE/712-0000

    Thowax Grey 70g – Ref: YE/714-0000

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    THOWAX modelling waxes

    Thowax 70g – Beige, Thowax 70g – Blue, Thowax 70g – Grey, Thowax 70g – Red, Thowax 70g – Violet