VarseoVest P plus – 6Kg (20 x 300g)

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Phosphate-bonded, shock-heat precision investment material, especially for casting 3D printed partial denture frames

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    • Specially developed for the investing of 3D printed partial denture frames
    • Creates an excellent fit and smooth surfaces of the cast objects after each casting and even with pressureless investing
    • Outstanding flow properties ensure easy investing even on slender object details; long working time of more than 4:40 min. enables fatigue-free processing
    • The mould is inserted directly into the furnace, which is preheated to 900–950 °C, only 20 min. after investing – for a considerable reduction in the duration of the heating process
    • Impressive strength of the investment material ensures that the moulds do not crack or tear as a result of the plastic expanding which forms the basis for reliable further processing
    • Despite its strength, an easy deflasking of the cast object is possible
    • Unambiguous expansion control with the special mixing liquid BegoSol® K ensures reproducible fit results
    • Easy application by a comparable processing method to partial denture investment materials