Wax Dipping Devices – Various

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    WaxprofiWax warmer

    Your individual skill is required to give a denture freshness and vitality. Our Waxprofi is required to implement this efficiently. Experience how easy setting-up has become.

    Ref: R1440-0000


    Hotty LEDWax dipping pot

    The reliable wax dipping pot with LED display and membrane keypad for the even and accurate heating temperature of dipping waxes.

    Ref: R1461-0000


    HottyWax dipping pot

    Reliable wax dipping pot with a potentiometer for uniform heating of dipping waxes.

    Ref: R1460-0000


    Vario EWax warmer

    The Vario E allows you to keep your sculpting wax at the required working temperature. Protect your wax against too high temperatures, your sculpting tips against mechanical loading and your wax pattern against high stresses.

    Ref: R14652-0000


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    Wax Dipping Devices

    Hotty LEDWax dipping pot, HottyWax dipping pot, Vario EWax warmer, WaxprofiWax warmer