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Duplicating Silicone

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    Wirosil duplicating flask system for precise duplication and minimal use of silicone

    Impressive features of the Wirosil duplicating flask system include precise reproduction, material saving, dimensional stability and simple technique. The system comprises:

    • Base for placing the model on
    • Flask top with optimum shape for fitting upper and lower models
    • Stabilisation insert that is important for ensuring accuracy after removal of the master model
    • Three exchangeable palate formers that contribute greatly to the accuracy of the duplication. Flexible positioning of the palate formers ensures silicone use is kept to a minimum


    Wirosil duplicating flask system – Small Kit includes1 flask, complete with 1 stabilising insert and 3 palate formers – Ref: 52072

    Wirosil duplicating flask system – Large Kit includes 1 flask, complete with 1 stabilising insert and 3 palate formers – Ref: 52083


    Wirosil Duplicating silicone

    • Wirosil is an addition-cured, two component silicone that reproduces exceptionally accurate master models due to its high dimensional stability.
    • With economy flasks and stabilisation insert Wirosil ensures easy, reliable duplicating using the minimal amount of material. # Ideal for duplicating milled surfaces in fixed/ removable work.
    • Mixing ratio 1:1


    Wirosil duplicating silicone 2 x 1 Kg – Ref: 52001

    Wirosil duplicating silicone 2 x 10 Kg – Ref: 51995

    Wirosil® is an addition-cured two-component silicone that reproduces master models extremely accurately due to its excellent dimensional stability With economy flask and stabilisation insert it enables work to be carried out easily and reliably without wasting material Ideal for duplicating milled areas in combination work. Mixing ratio: 1:1

    Set contains:

    • 1 bottle each = 1 kg Wirosil® 1+2
    • 1 measuring and mixing cup
    • 1 spatula
    • 1 duplicating flask, small
    • 1 duplicating flask, large
    • 1 spray bottle Aurofilm wetting agent
    • 1 spray bottle Durofluid model spray
    • 1 instruction for use

    Wirosil duplicating silicone kit  – Ref: 52000


    Kombi Duplicating Flask The low thermal conductivity of the plastic guarantees stress-free cooling of the duplicating material. Two wedges integrated in the flask cover prevent rotation and ensure proper placement of the form back in the flask – Ref: 52090


    Wirosil stabilisation ring – Small – Ref: 52079

    Wirosil stabilisation ring – Large – Ref: 52084





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    Wirosil BEGO

    Kombi Duplicating Flask, Wirosil duplicating flask system – Large Kit, Wirosil duplicating flask system – Small Kit, Wirosil duplicating silicone 2 x 1 Kg, Wirosil stabilisation ring – Large, Wirosil stabilisation ring – Small