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    Every good technician knows that the secret to delivering the perfect crown or bridge is to get the basics right and that starts with creating an accurate model to work on.  iDente model trays provide a stable platform even when dies are segmented with ridged sides further increasing stability allowing the die to be turned upside down yet still remain in place – despite this the design and quality of material allows for easy release of the die.  The formation of the upright pins eliminates the need for plastic location clips which do not deliver consistent accuracy.  The design of the trays means models are easy to fabricate and reduces the amount of trimming required saving time and waste. iDente trays can deliver up to 50% reduction in waste compared to some pin systems.  Designed by a Dental Technologist with almost 30 years experience and manufactured in the UK iDente model trays are extremely easy to use and can save valuable time increasing your productivity and delivering excellent results at an easily affordable cost.  The iDente model trays are available in Clear, Blue and White.

    Transparent Blue Trays (100 per Pack) – Ref: ID003

    Snow White Trays (100 per Pack) – Ref: ID002

    Crystal Clear Trays (100 per Pack) – Ref: ID001

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    Crystal Clear (100 per Pack), Snow White (100 per Pack), Transparent Blue (100 per Pack)