Metrodent Modelling Waxes

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Manufactured by Metrodent

    Metrowax No.1 Highest melting point, ideal for carving: Our highest melting point wax originally designed for warmer climates. Utilising a higher melting point paraffin wax giving a longer molecular chain, it is more stable at higher ambient temperatures and therefore gives excellent carving properties.Ideally suited for high end prosthetics where the try-in is extensively contoured and detailed and where the try-in may be in the mouth for an extended period. Perfect for a hot laboratory in the summer months No.1 will be more brittle in lower temperatures.  Colour Very Pale Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

    Metrowax No.2 Our most popular blend: This is our most popular modelling wax both in the UK and abroad. It is a blend of paraffin and micro-crystalline waxes and is designed to give good overall handling properties for everyday laboratory use. Pale Pink in colour No.2 is the longest manufactured blend in our range. Ideal for high workflow prosthetic laboratories where its consistency aids smooth production. Colour Pale ‘Bluish’ Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

    Metrowax No.4 Darker Pink variant on our most popular blend: This modelling wax is a colour option of our most popular wax.  Its handling properties and indications for use are the same as No.2.  Colour Darker Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

    Metrowax No.6 Easy to work with enhanced carving properties:  Designed to be easy to work with No.6 is a blend of paraffin waxes, micro-crystalline waxes, natural beeswax and resins. The addition of resins enhances the carving properties of the wax making it suitable for contouring and characterisation of the denture base from try-in through to fit. Suitable for prosthetic laboratories with high workflow who may need to characterise their try-ins and require an all round reliable modelling wax. Colour Pale Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

    Metrowax No.8 Warm Pink wax with superior aesthetics: Our latest edition to the Metrodent range of modelling waxes, No.8 is a complex blend of Paraffin and micro crystalline waxes resulting in a modelling wax with superb handling characteristics. It is Warm Pink in colour with superior aesthetic for both the patient and clinician.  Colour Warm Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

    Light Pink A very popular shade: The demand for Metrodent to produce a modelling wax in a light pink shade was overwhelming. Rapidly becoming a bestseller our Light Pink modelling wax is based on our No.2 formula. A blend of paraffin and micro-crystalline waxes gives familiar ease of handling and consistent qualities aiding smooth work processing in the laboratory. This desirable colour option offers excellent soft tissue representation at try-in stage and is well received by both patients and clinicians.  Colour Light Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

    Metromorphic A pleasant aroma and easy to work: Metromorphic is a blend of paraffin wax, microcrystalline waxes and natural beeswax which with the omission of resins gives this wax a pleasant aroma. A useful everyday modelling wax.  Colour Pale ‘Bluish’ Pink.  Sheet Sizes 183 x 87 x 1.75 mm

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    No.6 – 2.5 Kg/1.75mm, No.6 – 20 Kg/1.75mm, No.6 – 500g/1.75mm, No.1 – 500 g/1.75 mm, No.1 – 2.5 Kg/1.75 mm, No.1 – 20 Kg/1.75 mm, No.2 – 500g/1.75 mm, No.2 – 2.5 Kg/1.75 mm, No.2 – 20 Kg/1.75 mm, No.2 – 500g/3.50 mm (Double Thickness), No.2 – 2.5 Kg/3.50mm (Double Thickness), No.2 – 20 Kg/3.50mm (Double Thickness), No.4 – 500g/1.75 mm, No.4 – 2.5 Kg/1.75 mm, No.4 – 20 Kg/1.75 mm, No.8 – 500g/1.75 mm, No.8 – 2.5 Kg/1.75 mm, No.8 – 20 Kg/1.75 mm, Light Pink – 500g/1.50 mm, Light Pink – 500g/1.75 mm, Light Pink – 2.5 Kg/1.50 mm, Light Pink – 2.5 Kg/1.75 mm, Light Pink – 20 Kg/1.50 mm, Light Pink – 20 Kg/1.75 mm, Metromorphic – 500g/1.75 mm, Metromorphic – 2.5 Kg/1.75 mm, Metromorphic – 20 Kg/1.75 mm