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    The fluorapatite glass-ceramic ingots are indicated to press on IPS e.max ZirCAD and other ZrO2 frameworks with a CTE of 10.5 to 11.0.

    IPS e.max ZirPress facilitates the working procedures especially for long-span restorations due to the detailed aesthetic ceramic reproduction of the wax-up.

    IPS e.max ZirPress ingots are available in three levels of opacity and in A-D and four Bleach BL shades. Additionally, two Gingiva shades are available. Since several ingots can be pressed in the IPS Investment Ring System together, they are available in only one size.  Individual characterisation or veneering is carried out using the IPS e.max Ceram Stains or layering materials. For processing of IPS e.max ZirPress in the EP3010 and EP5010 press furnaces, the two investment materials IPS PressVEST and IPS PressVEST Speed are available.


    • Quick, easy and efficient
    • Four processing techniques – depending on the preference
    • Ceramic shoulders with high accuracy of fit and firing stability
    • Innovative gingiva technique for implant superstructures



    • Pressing over zirconium oxide-supported
    • Single-tooth restorations
    • Bridges in the anterior and posterior region
    • Implant superstructures
    • Inlay-retained bridges
    • Gingiva portions


    Gingiva ingots These two ingots facilitate the fabrication of the gingival portion of the restoration, especially in large (implant-retained) restorations, since the material does not shrink and the number of ceramic firings can be reduced.


    IPS E.Max ZirPress Gingiva G3 – 5 pcs. – Ref: 608423

    IPS E.Max ZirPress Gingiva G4 – 5 pcs. – Ref: 608424




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    Zirpress Gingiva

    ZirPress Gingiva G3 – 5 pcs, ZirPress Gingiva G4 – 5 pcs