Ultimate XL Series

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Brushless Micromotors

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    The ULTIMATE XL Series offers a choice of four control units, according to space and user requirements. All functions are controlled by NSK’s microcomputer which maintains smooth starting and stopping ensuring excellence in overall operability.

    • Lightweight and compact body
    • Long-term durability
    • Ergonomic shaped handpiece
    • Minimal noise and vibration
    • Special dust proof mechanism

    Ultimate XL – Bench Top System

    • Weight: 2.8Kg
    • Dimensions: W167 x D247 x H77 mm
    • Control unit
    • Micromotor Handpiece
    • Foot Control
    • Handpiece Stand

    Ref: Y141471

    Ultimate XL-K – Knee Control System

    • Weight: 3.2Kg
    • Dimensions: W90 x D270 x H230 mm
    • Control unit
    • Handpiece Stand

    Ref: Y141495

    Ultimate XL-F – Foot Control Type System

    • Weight: 3.8Kg
    • Dimensions: W230 x D292 x H113 mm
    • Control unit
    • Micromotor Handpiece
    • Handpiece Stand

    Ref: Y141513

    Ultimate XL-F Compact – Foot Control Type System
    Ref: Y141514


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    Ultimate XL Series

    Ultimate XL – Benchtop, Ultimate XL-F – Foot Control, Ultimate XL-F Compact – Foot Control, Ultimate XL-K – Knee Control, Unigrip FG, Unigrip RA