Metro Lab Putty

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Silicone modelling material

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    Metro Lab Putty Silicone modelling material: Supplied as a base material and catalyst it is easily mixed by hand. Lab putty is routinely used for the production of copy denture moulds and denture repairs. Increasingly lab putty is being used for processing denture repairs. After sticking the parts of the broken denture together the repair model can be moulded quickly into the denture and placed on the bench to set.  The fit surface is accurately reproduced before and after processing. The use of cold mould seal is not required. If for any reason the repair cannot be processed immediately, there is no danger of bubbles appearing in the cold cure.  When repairing a midline crack it is advisable to make a complete model rather than one just over the crack as the denture can sometimes fracture when grinding out the repair. Lab putty is also used for matrices in the construction of partial dentures, for positioning backings, cold curing CoCr saddles etc.

    5 Kg Lab putty pack – Ref: MLP £43.82

    40 ml Activator (4 tubes required for 5 Kg of putty) – Ref: MLPCS £3.71

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    Metro Lab Putty

    Metro Lab Putty – 40 ml Activator, Metro Lab Putty – 5 Kg Lab Pack