Metrotherm R

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CoCr/Crown and bridge furnace with remote programmer

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    Metrotherm R burnout furnace robustly constructed to a high specification.  Made in stainless steel with bricked interior. Metrotherm R comes with a two cycle, eight segment programmer with a 99 hour delay feature. This furnace is designed with reliability in mind. The element wire used is top grade Kanthal A1 designed to run at 1350oc plus, even at CoCr burnout temperatures this means the element is running well below specification. Should you need to replace an element, this can be carried out in the lab in 20/30 minutes at low cost. The Metrotherm R programmer is remote and attached via a multi pin control socket, this has the advantage that it is away from the heat and can be wall mounted. In this format the programmer could also be changed very quickly, without moving the furnace.

    At a glance

    • Remote digital programmer
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Large capacity
    • Inexpensive element change
    • Program delay
    • Multiple programs

    Technical data

    • Unit: 508 x 432 X 508 mm
    • Mould Chamber: 228 x 228 x 228 mm
    • Weight 46 Kg
    • Rated voltage 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Power at rated voltage of 230 V (1600 W)
    • Max temperature 1300oC


    Metrotherm R – Ref: MTTR

    Metrotherm R Ceramic Tube – Ref: KILN/CT

    Metrotherm R Thermotube – Ref: KILN/THERM

    Metrotherm R Element – Ref: MTTE/NEW


    Additional information

    Metrotherm R

    Metrotherm R, Metrotherm R Ceramic Tube, Metrotherm R Element, Metrotherm R Thermotube