Polishing unit WP-Ex 3000 II (plus accessories)

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The WP-Ex 3000 II polishing compact unit guarantees first-class polishing and extraction even in the smallest lab. The unit has a clear multifunctional display and a multi-adjustable polishing motor. In addition it is equipped with a daylight LED Spot.

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    The highlight of every laboratory: compact and powerful stainless steel polishing unit WP-Ex 3000 II for daily laboratory use. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they can be used in the narrowest of spaces and convince with their powerful, low-noise extraction and high-torque, durable and maintenance-free squirrel cage motors.

    • jacket-cooled engine, dust-proof
    • adjustable in steps from 750-6000 min-1
    • clearly structured multifunction display
    • integrated daylight LEDs
    • Daylight LED spot included in the basic configuration
    • Impact-resistant, adjustable safety glass screen
    • two extra large micro-fine dust filter bags, easily interchangeable, guarantee high filter performance
    • two easily removable solid rubber polishing troughs
    • integrated drawer
    • easy to clean stainless steel housing
    • clever: the WP-Ex 3000 II can be operated with the push of a button
    • Emergency off switch with restart protection guarantees work safety
    • Aquarius – Quality MADE IN GERMANY since 1927
      Constructed for a long service life
      High-quality workmanship, made of metal
      Extremely easy to maintain and wear
      Easy to clean thanks to easy-care surfaces: stainless steel elements and / or robust plastic powder coating


    WP-EX3000 includes

    • Brush spindle on the right
    • Brush spindle left
    • supply
    • Micro particulate filter bag, 1 set = 2 pieces
    • Polishing trough, 2 pieces
    • Drawer (W 621 x H 23 x D 219 mm)
    • Tray (W 257 x H 40 x D 198 mm)
    • Tray (W 190 x H 17 x D 150 mm)


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    WP-EX 3000 polishing unit – Ref: W146994

    Brush Spindle right side 92 mm – Ref: W152022

    Brush Spindle left side 92 mm – Ref: W152025

    Brush Spindle right side 125 mm  – Ref: W152043

    Brush Spindle left side 125 mm  – Ref: W152044

    Stone Holder for right side – Ref: W152056

    Stone Holder for left side  – Ref: W152057

    Micro fine dust filter bags x 2 – Ref: W611011

    Chuck clambing, 1-6 mm, right – Ref: W152049

    Polishing trough with suction base – Ref: W146503

    Storage bowl (W 257 x H 40 x D 198 mm) – Ref: W830409

    Suction protective grid – Ref: W146396

    Additional information

    WP-Ex 3000 II

    Brush Spindle left side 125 mm, Brush Spindle left side 92 mm, Brush Spindle right side 125 mm, Brush Spindle right side 92 mm, Chuck clambing, 1-6 mm, right, Micro fine dust filter bags x 2, Polishing trough with suction base, Stone Holder for left side, Stone Holder for right side, Storage bowl (W 257 x H 40 x D 198 mm), Suction protective grid, WP-EX 3000 polishing unit with accessories